Fenugreek seeds/methi dana(24 LM)
Methi is the finest staples sourced right from the best farms and produce centers in order to get you good quality at competitive prices. Every product is carefully selected by experienced and technically competent merchandisers, cleaned and packed at our hygienic facilities in food grade plastic and sold to you at the most competitive prices in the market. Methi or fenugreek seeds are cuboid-shaped, small, hard, dirty yellow coloured, aromatic, strong flavoured seeds of the fenugreek plant. Fenugreek seeds are rich in dietary fibre, copper and iron. They contain vitamin C and minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, maagnesium in plenty. Traces of zinc and selenium. They possess anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties that are extensively used in ayurveda. These help prevent the occurance of "skin infections", fever, dandruff, bad breath and "mouth ulcers". They also regulate cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and are hence diabetic-friendly. The medicinal poperties include them being naturally occurring laxatives, lactation enhancer and digestion aids. Fenugreek seeds are common ingredient I most of the masalas especially the ones used to make sambar. They are used for their skin enhancing properties and ground and used as face packs, hair masks etc.

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Fenugreek seeds/methi dana(24 LM)

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