Organic Staples

Organic Staples
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24 Mantra Organic Chana Brown

24 Mantra Organic Brown Chana comes in the kind of legumes in the family of chickpeas. It is high in..

Rs80 Ex Tax: Rs80

24 Mantra Organic Dal - Green Moong (Split)

The Green Moong Dal is also known as Green Gram, is used extensively in both savoury and sweet dishe..

Rs105 Ex Tax: Rs105

24 Mantra Organic Dal Bengali Gram

24 Letter mantra Bengal gram dal lentils have a sweet and nutty taste...

Rs60 Ex Tax: Rs60

24 Mantra Organic Kabuli Chana

24 Mantra Organics Kabuli Channa is tremendously nutritious and have high protein content. Kabuli Ch..

Rs95 Ex Tax: Rs95

24 Mantra Organic Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is nothing but red lentil . It is a store house of nutrients like protien, folic acid,iro..

Rs80 Ex Tax: Rs80

24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal

Moong dal will get from Mung beans. The split green moong dal is used in Indian curries. It is high ..

Rs95 Ex Tax: Rs95

24 Mantra Organic Peanut

24 Mantra Organic Raw Peanut is used extensively in snacks and delicacies by many. It is often used ..

Rs90 Ex Tax: Rs90

24 Mantra Organic Tur Dal

24 Mantra Tur Dal is one of the staple foods to add its importance in Indian cuisines. Tur dal is ba..

Rs85 Ex Tax: Rs85

24 Mantra Organic White Urad (Whole)

24 Mantra Organic’s Urad Dal White Whole product known for their rich protein and fiber content whi..

Rs95 Ex Tax: Rs95

24 Mantra Organic Rajma - Chitkabra

24 Mantra Organic Chitkabra Rajma Himalayan lets you revel in the freshness of Himalayan farms and u..

Rs100 Ex Tax: Rs100